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TrueX Insights Glossary

Glossary Term


Bank Balance Comparison
A comparison of the company's current cash balances with those from prior periods to track liquidity and cash management.
Financial Metrics
Various quantitative measurements used to assess the financial performance and health of the company, often presented in Management Reports.
Financial Year
The designated 12-month period for financial reporting, currently from 1 June to 31 May for the company.
Long-term Sustainability
An evaluation, often discussed in the Management Report, of the company's ability to maintain financial stability and meet its financial obligations over an extended period, taking into account income, expenses, and financial strategies.
Management Report
The comprehensive document prepared by TrueX Health for the company that outlines the organization's activities, financial performance, and strategic directions, serving as a foundation for decision-making and planning.
Operating Expense Ratio
A financial metric discussed in the Financial Metrics section of the Management Report, expressing operating expenses as a percentage of total revenue. It is used to assess the efficiency of the company's cost management.
Prior Financial Year
The fiscal year immediately preceding the current financial year, used for comparison and trend analysis in the Management Report.
Profit and Loss Statement
A financial statement, typically included in Management Reports, that summarizes the company's revenue, costs, and expenses over a specific period, indicating whether the organization has generated a surplus or incurred a deficit.
Retained Earnings
A portion of the company's net income that is retained within the organization. Note this is not cash available, this is a cumulative figure of every year's surplus/deficit since the inception of the organization.
Statement of Financial Position
Also known as the balance sheet, this financial statement, typically presented in Management Reports, provides a snapshot of the company's financial position at a specific date, showing assets, liabilities, and equity.
Year to Date
Refers to the period from the beginning of the current financial year up to the current date, allowing for real-time assessment of financial performance.

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