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Meet the Experts Behind TrueX

Our team at TrueX is comprised of dedicated professionals, each contributing expertise and passion to our healthcare financial management services. From financial experts to industry enthusiasts, our team is committed to building lasting partnerships with medical professionals.
Christiaan van Waart
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Meet Christiaan van Waart, Founder of TrueX.
Growing up in a healthcare family for the past 20+ years, he has experienced the highs and the lows these professionals face daily first-hand. A passion was born, that would relentlessly pursue to help other healthcare professionals not to experience the lows
He was schooled at Paarl Boys’ High School and studied at Stellenbosch University. Here he completed a BCom Management Accounting Degree and a BCom Hons. in Management Accounting. He is a qualified CGMA/ACMA and also a Professional Accountant (SA).
Christiaan has been featured on television, more notably on “Meer as net ‘n loopbaan” by Daniel Strauss.
Bianca van Waart
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Meet Bianca van Waart, Founder of TrueX. A visionary Actuarial Consultant with a dynamic blend of academic excellence and practical experience. Graduating Cum Laude, she holds a BCom in Actuarial Science and a BCom Hons in Actuarial Science.
In her past experiences, Bianca ensured compliance and excelled in modelling for audit processes. She has led a transformative project in banking, enhancing the provisioning model and conducting impactful analyses. Bianca's proficiency in optimizing processes and systems positions her as a leader in the finance of healthcare.
She was also part of the Ernie Els & Fancourt Foundation. While also holding the prestigious title of the number 1 amateur woman’s golfer in the country for 2 years straight.

Our Values

Guiding Principles of TrueX


Respect is fundamental at TrueX, where our culture thrives on collaboration. We honor diverse perspectives and treat everyone with dignity, fostering an environment where mutual respect propels our collective success in providing specialized financial solutions.


At TrueX, transparency is a core value. We provide clear, honest, and transparent communication in all our interactions and financial dealings.
Explore the individuals who drive financial excellence at TrueX and embody our values.


Our team combines financial expertise with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare practitioners. We approach financial management with empathy, recognizing the unique demands of the medical field.


We are dedicated to tailoring financial solutions for healthcare professionals navigating financial fluctuations, prioritizing clarity and efficiency. By streamlining processes and communication, we enhance transparency in our fully outsourced financial services.


TrueX's unwavering commitment is evident in our services crafted for healthcare professionals at crucial career stages. We pledge to exceed expectations by delivering tailored financial excellence and building enduring partnerships based on trust, innovation, and exceptional service.


We ensure healthcare professionals are integral participants in the financial process. Our commitment extends to inclusivity in design and implementation of specialized financial solutions, recognizing their involvement strengthens collaboration, innovation, and the impact of our services.

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